Mobile Radiation Harmful Effects and how to Protect yourself

How to Protect yourself from the Harmful Effects Of Mobile Radiation

The introduction of 5G networks has made mobile radiation an important topic in the digital age. The harmful WiFi radiation that is generated by all wireless devices (mobile phones, routers/routers, smart TVs, etc.) increases the more we use a mobile phone.

More than 300,00,000 (three hundred million) people worldwide use smartphones. The number is likely to increase by several hundred thousand lacs in the following years. In 2021, the number of smartphone users will reach more than the 380 billion mark. The results of a Statista survey show that smartphone users in India will exceed 76 crores by 2021.

The numbers for individual mobile users are enormous. Almost 515 million people use mobile phones worldwide. This figure is growing at a rate of around 2.4% per annum according to GSMA Intelligence.

Why is mobile radiation so dangerous?

Mobile phones operate on wireless satellite signals and Bluetooth technology to provide connectivity. Smartphones are equipped with all these connectivity features. This is why all cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation, also known as low-frequency nonionizing radio.

The electromagnetic radiation from a device can be used to establish connectivity with other devices. such as for making calls and accessing the internet. Our daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation is increased by carrying cell phones. The reason mobile phone radiation is so dangerous is that the radiation from wireless gadgets is not the same frequency as the natural frequency in the human body. The waveform that wireless devices produce is constant, while it is different from the one produced by the human brain.

It’s not the amount of radiation from the device that harms us. It is the nature and compatibility of radiation that are dangerous because they are not compatible with our bodies.

Constant Exercising mobile radiation for a prolonged period can lead to serious biological disorders or diseases.

The field’s research has revealed that electromagnetic waves are the main cause of most modern-day lifestyle disorders like memory loss, fatigue, and sleep deprivation.

How dangerous are mobile radiations to us?

Nikola Tesla’s experiment in 1896 to determine the effects of radiation on his skin led to burns. In 1927, we got significant evidence when Hermann Joseph Muller discovered the correlation between radiation and cancer risk. Muller won the Nobel prize in 1946 for this research.

The following are side effects of radiation exposure, besides all the clinical and scientific research. that has proven the health impact of EM radio on humans.

Higher stress & fatigue – Adults experience higher levels of stress these days. which can also cause increased cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Low-quality sleep –Anxiety disorders are common in people who have poor sleep quality. It can cause mania, bipolar depression, and even mania.

Headache Constant migraines can lead to headaches, irritation, lower productivity, creativity, and decreased productivity at the office

Weakened immunity. Because we live in a constant environment of radiations weekends, our immune system is weakening and we are more likely than not to catch a common cold.

Fertility issues. High radiation can kill some or all the eggs within the woman’s body. This can lead to infertility and early menopause.

Memory loss short-term – A tech-enabled life means that we live near many radiation sources, with a lot of radiation coming from mobile phones. This radiation causes memory damage and confusion.

Excessive mobile phone usage can cause the above-mentioned health problems. Many people have experienced one or more of these problems due to excessive exposure to cell phone radiation.

Technology-enabled living means we live in an environment that is rich in radiation. Mobile phone radiation makes up a significant part of radiation risk.

Like the Covid-19 pandemic of last year, we are seeing more children use mobile phones to attend online classes. We also see reports about health problems in children’s lives as a result. Students taking online school classes have complained about headaches, fatigue, and irritation.

Solution available for radiation protection


For your safety from any harmful effects from mobile radiation, self-restraint is the best option. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task in digital life. IoT devices, wireless communications devices, and related infrastructure are here to stay forever. This is the reality that the Covid-19 pandemic created.

Radiation protection technology, which protects our lives from harmful electromagnetic radiation, is another solution.

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1. Envirochip– Envirochip allows you to set up a quick fix on your devices. This includes mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. It alters the nature of radiation, making it non-effective for people.

2. Enviroglobe- This 360-degree approach to radiation protection nullifies radiation both from internal and external sources, such as mobile towers, routers, or boosters.

3. Enviroglobe: It’s the only mobile radiation protection device with an embedded Envirochip. This protects you and your phone against any potential damage.

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