Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

Rule number 1 – Don’t panic. Hair shedding every day is completely natural. As per the experts, losing up to 100 hair per day is completely normal. If all of a sudden you notice yourself losing more amount of hair, your ponytail becoming thinner or you’re seeing more scalp, then this becomes a problem. When it happens, figuring out the cause of hair loss becomes quite difficult – especially in women. There are several different causes of hair fall in women.

Following are a few common reasons for hair loss in women:

1) Genetics

When one first hears of the term “hereditary hair loss”, they usually end up relating it to the male pattern of baldness. This is wrong as people of all genders are known to get affected by hereditary hair loss. For women, there is a chance that they’re genetically predisposed to the thinning of hair. This means that they may notice a progressive and gradual reduction in the volume of their hair. Although one cannot entirely prevent this type of hair loss, there are treatments available for this problem.

2) Deficiency in nutrition

The creation, as well as maintenance of healthy hair, hugely relies on taking solid nutrition. There’s a reason people say, “you become what you eat”. Hence, it is very important to have a healthy diet in order to have healthy hair. Most of the time deficiency of zinc,iron, protein and vitamin B3 are the reasons for hair problems. The inclusion of berries, eggs, and green vegetables is highly recommendable to everyone. They provide the required nutrients to the body and help in promoting healthy hair and skin.

3) Wearing too-tight hairstyles

According to the experts, when women wear tight braids or even tight ponytails, it may lead to progressive thinning of their hairline. It is considered to be a scarring process as has the potential to damage the hair follicle beyond repair. This cause is very common among teenagers. To prevent and treat hair loss due to this cause, doctors advise of not wearing one hairstyle for a long period of time. They also advise the women not to pull their hair too tightly.

4) Regular heat-styling of hair

As obvious as it can get, heat-styling your hair regularly is the worst thing you can do to your precious hair. This cause is known as Trichorrhexis Nodosa. In this condition, the damaged and weak points in the hair shaft causes the hair to break off very easily. The reason behind it is the thermal damage suffered by the hair due to the usage of hot tools and overbleaching. In this case, the hair loss does not necessarily take place from the root but from the shaft.

5) Childbirth

During their pregnancy, most women notice a huge increase in their hair growth. As there are surges of hormones during pregnancy, everything grows at a faster rate. This not only kicks the growth stage of hair into high gear but also makes the growth stage last longer than normal. This means that the normal shedding of hair stops taking place.

After the delivery, the hormone level gets back to normal. This resumes the normal growth cycle of hair. Consequently, all the thick and luscious hair that got accumulated during pregnancy starts to shed off. Few women experience the very mild type of shedding while others experience the intense type of shedding.

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Hair loss can become a very serious problem if not dealt with at the right time. Hence, it’s very important to take good care of your hair. Hot Oiling,regular trimming, good food and sleep are some of the several ways to keep your hair damage-free.

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