Do you know eating more Sugar reduces your lifespan?

eating more Sugar reduces your lifespan

Do you know eating more Sugar reduces your lifespan ?

So today we are going to tell you such a thing, by knowing and following these things, you can save your life.

Sugar is such a thing that we use more in everyday life, we use sugar from morning tea to the bottom after dinner, and somewhere we are taking more number of sugar. Today in this topic, we will talk about how sugar affects our life, how harmful sugar is to our health.

7 Reasons why Sugar reduces your lifespan

Do you know eating more Sugar reduces your lifespan ?

i:> Sugar increase the risk of Heart attack: Excessive use of sugar can cause a very harmful disease to our body, one of which is called heart attack. Sugar can increase the level of diabetes which turn into the more serious disease like Heart attack.

ii:> Sugar increase the risk of obesity (weight gain) : Excessive use of sugar cause many serious problem one of them is obesity.

iii:> Sugar increase the risk of Diabetes: When we getting more sugary foods and drinks which contains lot of calories causes diabetes.

iv:> Weak Immune System: There are many such things that one does with our body, one of the biggest diseases is to weakened our immune system so we should not use sugar in our food.

v:> Tooth Decay:  When we consume more and more sugar in our daily foods then the sugar produce acid with the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Sugar direct affects our teeth and which takes a lot of time to recover, so be careful.

vi:> Premature Ageing (Skin Problems): Large amount of consumption sugar badly damage our skin cells which damage skin proteins, causing to skin problems like premature ageing.

vii:> Lazyness or Weak Energy: When we take too much sugar then the pumping level of heart increases which causes breathlessness.

CONCLUSION: Sugar is harmful because it increase the level of blood sugar which cause serious problems like heart attack, diabetes or stroke.

The things to understand is that the disease is not in natural sugar, which is present in natural fruits disease is present in artificial sugar which is made from harmful chemicals.


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