How to stay healthy and fit in corona time?

How to stay healthy and fit in corona time?


Eating healthy is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. But what does “eating healthy” really mean? It doesn’t just mean eating broccoli and spinach! In this blog post, we will cover 11 tips to help you make healthier food choices and live a healthier lifestyle in Corona time.

How to stay healthier?

– The first step in eating healthier is to find a healthy diet that works for you. It will ensure you meet your daily nutritional needs and get the right amount of calories for your body type.
– Next, make sure to eat plenty of vegetables! Carrots, celery, zucchini – all fresh produce can help you reach your recommended daily intake of vegetables.
– The next important step is to limit the amount of processed food and sugar in your diet by cooking more meals at home. Prepare healthy dishes that are both tasty and nutritious for a healthier lifestyle!
– Always read labels, look out for natural sugars such as agave or honey instead of unhealthy processed sugars.
– One of the most important things to remember is that it takes a while for your body to adjust to any change in diet, so be patient and don’t give up!
– Remember, small changes can make a big difference over time. Start by making one healthy meal this week – keeping these tips in mind will
– You can also try new dishes and cuisines to keep things interesting.

The following healthy change you make will be the best decision you’ll ever make!

The importance of fresh food

– Processed foods are often packed with sugar, salt, and preservatives that can increase your risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

So make the switch to healthier options such as whole-grain loaves of bread, brown rice, or oatmeal over anything white like flour products or refined sugars. You can also try making a dish with fresh vegetables and fresh herbs from your garden.
– You can make any meal healthier by adding fruits or vegetables to it – no matter if you’re cooking at home, ordering in, or picking up the takeout!

How to eat more veggies?

– Add them to everything! Be creative when you’re cooking at home, and don’t be afraid to get creative with veggies. You can mix them into soups, portions of pasta, or make a veggie stir-fry like this one that features broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, and onions!
– Always order extra vegetables when you’re eating out – it’s never too much as long as you’re not overdoing it.

– Try some delicious, healthy sides like sauteed spinach or roasted carrots and brussels sprouts to add even more vegetables to your diet!

– Choose foods high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals as they will fill you up faster than processed sugars and fat-laden foods.
– Eat vegetables raw or lightly steamed to preserve their nutrients and enzymes lost if you cook them too long.
– Always opt for a salad with your meal as it is healthier than fries or pastries because salads don’t contain any fat!

Add grilled chicken on top of green leaf lettuce and add some olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste.
– Enjoy a small cup of coffee in the morning but don’t have too much as it can cause dehydration, an upset stomach, or heartburn!
– If you are trying to lose weight, then it’s essential that your breakfast consists mainly of protein, so try some eggs on toast with avocado, for example.
– If you have time in the morning before work or are at home, try to eat breakfast with whole grains and protein.
– Go for fresh fruit over juice as they provide more fiber. But if you need a sweet snack, then go for an apple instead of cake!

– When cooking vegetables, use olive oil rather than butter because butter is high in saturated fat.


If you need to snack on something, then go for fruit or a handful of nuts as they are healthier than crisps and chocolate bars!
Add more vegetables into your diet by making recipes like stir fry with cauliflower rice, roasted broccoli with chickpeas, and Moroccan tomato soup that all have plenty of vegetables.

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