What is immunity ? How it works, Types and Increase Tips

What is immunity

What is immunity ?

Electroscopic microorganisms always surround us. The ability of our body to prevent us from any potential disease is called immunity. Antibodies play an enormous role in increasing immunization. Our immune system helps in acquiring sustainable and good health. An excellent immune system ultimately makes our daily life balanced. Impaired normal functions are alarming and cause more trauma. A human body needs to pay attention to the structural, functional, and psychological condition of the frame. Immunization capacity varies from person to person, depending on various factors ranging from food habits to daily routine.

How does immunization works?

How does immunization works?

Any foreign substance that enters our body is called an antigen irrespective of danger and characteristics. So in response to those immune system stimulating particles, our body forms antibodies. Then it works in a suitable lock and key mechanism to help our body stay safe. Now, if someone is unable to cope with the antigens entering their body, they might need to go through passive immunization. That is a vaccine with preformed antibodies are injected into the body to help the immune system quickly. In old times, there were not many vaccines due to less acknowledgment about cures to the pathogenic diseases.

What are the types of immunity?

It is essential to know the types of immunity to understand the source. We have seen some people who are generally always fit and healthy. They also face insufficient numbers of antigenic diseases. The answer is good food and the daily routine of an individual. Also, it can be inherited. There are two types of immunity:

Natural immunity – It is present in a person from birth and generally inherited from the mother to the infants. Also, the fact is that the mother’s milk works best as a passive booster for the baby.

Adaptive immunity – As per the name suggests, it is not naturally present in the human body since birth. Here the body itself produces antibodies to counter the various infections from microbes or viruses. The antibodies are accompanied by some memory cells to persist such harm from retaking place in our body due to the same germs or bacteria. Now, this is something that depends on us. We have the power to keep our immune system up and quickly respond to the foreign stimulating substances automatically. Also, a regular health check-up helps in identifying the underlying diseases in our body. A full body check-up helps us estimate the proper steps to be followed for rapid recovery.

How to increase immunity ?

How to increase immunity ?

Adaptive immunization is also categorized further to make the subject crystal clear. The active immunity requires you to get infected to form the antibodies for such antigens. As we all know, the antigen is knowingly also called antibody – generating chemicals. It is unpleasant, so the children are exposed to vaccination since childhood to get the dose of detoxified toxins or killed microorganisms. Active immunization lasts longer than passive immunization. Now, your body also needs to be in good condition before an active immunity boost. There are several natural ways to be fit and healthy. Staying healthy will give you a better morphology and psychology in life. You feel refreshed and energetic. Also, go for a regular health check-up periodically to be sure about your health condition. As we all know, the environmental impact of pollution and harmful chemicals has drastically increased.

Nutritional Food – Choose a balanced diet full of macro elements necessary for body growth and development. Also, consider the microelements well. Stay hydrated. Save yourself from junk and fast food as much as possible. Everything contributes to building up of healthy immunity.

Genetic stability – Some diseases are inherent. They transfer to the next generation. So one can’t do more than prevention in such cases.

Personal hygiene – Everyone should maintain their health properly. Hygiene alone can save us from almost 60% of pathogenic diseases.

Exercise and good posture – To avoid obesity and muscle strain, both yoga and proper position are helpful. Obesity itself is the cause of many diseases. It can be a prior stage to uncalled health issues.

Regular health check-up – It alone can reduce the risk of 80% of diseases. One should often go for full body check-up in an authorized government sector.

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